Xello Chosen as a Preferred K-12 Online Program in Arkansas and Indiana

States look to Xello’s award-winning approach for college & career planning to make students future ready.

Today the K-12 education software company Xello (www.xello.world) announced its selection as a preferred software vendor in Arkansas and Indiana. These states have made a strong commitment to preparing their students for college, career, and future success. They’ve chosen Xello to help them realize their respective visions.


VIDEO: Xello is an engaging online K-12 program that makes every student college, career, and future ready.


Of the company’s growing momentum, Xello Co-Founder and CEO Matt McQuillen said, “We’re thrilled to partner with these states to help districts prepare students for future success. When we built Xello, we knew that if we put the student at the center of their experience, we could better engage them in the college and career planning process. That student-centricity is what sets us apart. Kids can more easily connect the dots between their education and future goals. That’s when the switch flips and we see improvements in things like attendance, achievement, and persistence. And for educators, things like tracking, reporting, and measuring student progress become much easier. We’re so excited to see states, like Arkansas and Indiana, value this approach to college and career readiness.”

  • In Arkansas, Act 930 requires all students to build personalized student success plans. From 8th grade onward, students work with educators to reflect and reassess their plans, helping them achieve readiness for college, career, and community engagement. Xello was chosen to help achieve this mandate because of its engaging four-step model. Students build self-knowledge, explore their post-secondary options, build personalized plans, and learn the skills and knowledge for long-term success. Should districts choose Xello, the Arkansas Department of Education will fully fund the purchase. Districts that partner with Xello will then work with a dedicated team of Success Management and Implementation experts to ensure a successful implementation for the 2019-20 school year. 

  • In Indiana, Act 297 introduces new standards for college and career planning. No later than July 1, 2019, each school within a school corporation is required to meet these standards, which includes providing students with high-quality career and college planning resources and teaching students interdisciplinary employability skills. Again, Xello was chosen as a partner to help achieve these new requirements. In addition to career assessment and planning tools, Xello’s fully integrated, grade-appropriate lessons serve as ready-made curriculum to help Indiana educators teach essential employability skills.

Since launching in September 2017, Xello has earned a reputation as a high-quality college and career planning solution for K-12 school districts. The program recently won an EdTech Award for best career planning solution, receiving top honors from EdTech Digest’s most competitive recognition program in educational technology. The company continues to expand, with clients across North America and nearly eight million users. To learn more about Xello and state-specific strategies and implementation options, districts can contact our team of Educational Consultants.


About Xello

Xello’s mission is to help anyone, anywhere in the world create a successful future through self-knowledge, exploration, and planning. With over 20 years in the education software industry, the team at Xello has helped millions of educators and millions of students become future ready with its suite of online programs. Based in Toronto, Canada, Xello’s award-winning future readiness programs are used globally by nearly eight million students and educators. Learn more about Xello at www.xello.world.

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