Xello Acquires Leading Career Pathfinding Platform for K-12 and Higher Ed students

Awato expands Xello’s product portfolio and brings a fresh perspective to its mission of igniting student engagement through world-class, student-centered experiences.

Toronto, Ontario (August 12, 2021)Xello, the award winning K-12 college, career and future readiness program, today announced the acquisition of Awato, the state selected platform for career development in New Hampshire, and the chosen program for leading post-secondary institutions like Southern New Hampshire University, North Carolina Central University and Lake Michigan College.

With this acquisition, Xello and Awato will combine their talent and expertise to accelerate the mission of delivering better outcomes for students through personalized experiences that inspire students to make the connection between their interests and the classroom, and take ownership of their future plans.

“As we began our partnership with Awato in New Hampshire earlier this year, it became increasingly clear that we were aligned in so many ways. There’s a shared passion for delivering world-class student experiences and a desire to make administrator and counselor lives easier. But beyond that, both organizations have this fundamental belief that career exploration and planning can be that spark to ignite student motivation and engagement. That when done right, college and career readiness can go beyond just checking boxes, and instead play a crucial role in how students view academics, themselves, and their future potential,” shared Matt McQuillen, CEO and Co-Founder of Xello.

“We quickly realized that we’d be stronger operating as one versus independently. The team at Awato brings fresh perspectives to Xello, innovative ideas, and subject matter expertise that will help us move faster. On our side, we’re excited to welcome Awato and their customers into the Xello family, with continued support and investment to ensure every student, educator, and administrator is successful.”

Awato will continue to support and enhance their career pathfinding platform while collaborating with the Xello team on innovative tools designed to better connect secondary students to community members and higher education opportunities.

“We’re elated to be joining forces with Xello,” said Matt Guruge, Former CEO and Co-Founder of Awato. “Together we’ll be focusing on better supporting students as they transition to life after high school. We are looking forward to working with educators and their students to ensure every student knows their best path to a successful future.”

About Xello

Xello is a modern K-12 college, career and future readiness program that helps students achieve a deeper understanding of themselves, explore pathways, and plan for the future. Using Xello’s discovery-based model, students build knowledge, real-world skills and confidence to prepare for the rapidly evolving world of post-secondary academics and work. Xello supports multiple student pathways and helps students build essential skills valued by post-secondary institutions and employers. Over 9 million students and educators work with Xello in their efforts to become future-ready. Learn more at //www.xello.world

About Awato

Awato is the leader in personalized career pathfinding software based in Manchester, NH. Founded in November 2015, Awato has worked with educational institutions across the country to help find a path for every student. Today, over 200 K-12 schools and higher education institutions use Awato’s robust career assessments, local content mapping, and pathfinding software to build better pathways for their students. Learn more at awato.co

For further information: Media Contact, Monica Biesok, Director of Marketing, Xello, pr@xello.world

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