Xello vs. Naviance

Xello is the future planning program students actually want to use.

Discover why Xello is setting a new standard for K–12 college and career readiness that empowers and engages every student—and Naviance is not.
Why Xello is setting the standard for K–12 college and career readiness  and Naviance is not.
Xello is

An early start and actionable plan for every student

Xello’s quality content, personalization, and all pathways approach engages every K–12 student in building the skills, knowledge, and plans for future success. Naviance’s dry, one-dimensional approach leaves many students confused about, or worse, left out of the future planning process.
Xello is

Recognized for having the best client support in EdTech

Xello’s CODiE-award winning approach and focus on customer satisfaction includes free, unlimited access to dedicated support, and meaningful collaboration. By contrast, Naviance’s service issues are well documented and its clients are charged incrementally for every interaction.
Xello is

Fully accessible & inclusive

Xello’s vibrant, easy to use program is fully accessible and inclusive for all students, families, and educators across all devices. Naviance’s focus on a limited set of already high-achieving students. means it can’t meet all students where they are—limiting many.
Xello is

A collaborative platform for student success

Xello gets counselors, teachers, district leaders, and families all working together to support their students. Naviance claims the same, but its infrastructure and approach say otherwise.
Why Switching is Easy

Xello’s processes and expertise make it easy for every district to get started and succeed.

Illustration of female Xello trainer
Strategic Partnership
You'll be assigned a dedicated Customer Success Manager, who'll work to understand your goals and needs, and craft an implementation plan that works for you.
Data Integration
Tailored Onboarding
Our onboarding team is composed of technical experts that understand the unique needs of your IT staff and can ensure a quick and efficient implementation.
Depiction of Xello's world-class support services
World-Class Support
Once up and running we offer direct support for teachers, parents, and students, as well as on-demand training for educators, and custom training, when needed.
What Educators Say

Students and Educators Love Xello — But Don’t Take Our Word for It!

Why Students and Educators Love Xello

Milwaukee Public Schools

Manager of Counseling, Ophelia King, describes how Xello supports MPS' vision of engaging students with meaningful CCR initiatives, from kindergarten onward.

Poway Unified School District

Lead CTE Counselor, Emily Stevenson, relates her experience working with Xello, and the quality support she receives that ensure her students succeed.

More From Districts That Switched

Making the switch to Xello was a big step for our district, but the support we received from the Xello team to relaunch as a full K-12 program was unparalleled. Our students are excited to discover and explore their college and career options. I wish we’d done it sooner!

Melody Coryell

Director of Academics and Pathways
Indianapolis Public Schools, Indiana
After vetting six other software providers we knew we were in good hands with Xello. Their innovative student interface stands out, for sure, but it’s the support of people who act as real program partners that made our decision to switch that much easier.

Jason Luke

Director of Career Awareness & Exploration
Kalamazoo Regional Service Agency, Michigan
From the communications to get us onboarded, to the training calls to keep us on track, and the launch workshops that have helped us clearly define our goals I have been truly amazed with the ease of our transition to Xello from Naviance. We're in such good hands.

Laura Butgereit

College and Career Readiness Coordinator
MSD of Warren Township, Indiana

Why choose Xello over Naviance?