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Empower your students to discover future possibilities and prepare them to meet High School and Beyond Plan requirements with Xello.

See How Xello Supports High School & Beyond Plan Requirements

With Xello, students in your school district become immersed and engaged in building their High School and Beyond Plans.

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Empower Your Students for High School and Beyond

Xello guides students in your school through the core components of their High School and Beyond Plan (HSBP and HB1599)--including career exploration, goal-setting, creating four-year course plans, and defining pathways for success.
  • Interactive Assessments
  • Interactive Assessments
  • Post-Secondary Plans
  • Integrated Course Planner
  • Easy resume creation
  • Share with Parents
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Post-Secondary Plans C2D0FE6D-9B76-435E-9293-28F10EC9E9CA
Integrated Course Planner C2D0FE6D-9B76-435E-9293-28F10EC9E9CA
Easy resume creation C2D0FE6D-9B76-435E-9293-28F10EC9E9CA
Share with Parents C2D0FE6D-9B76-435E-9293-28F10EC9E9CA

Explore Careers With Interactive Assessments

Students can get started with Xello in elementary, middle and high school. Students complete a Career Matchmaker Interest Inventory through interactive assessments. These, along with personality and learning style assessments, help students connect who they are to future opportunities, career interests and career goals, preparing them for high school and beyond.

Build SEL Skills with Lessons

Elementary, middle school and high school students build essential SEL skills needed to thrive in the real world, enabling them to go beyond just checking the boxes on their high school and beyond plan requirements.

Colleges & Financial Aid Support

Xello guides your school's students seamlessly through the college application process, helping them learn how to apply & pay for college & navigate the complexities of financial aid (FAFSA), teaching them how financial aid works.

Create Customizable Content with Ease

Xello offers you the ease and flexibility to tailor your curriculum to fit the needs of your district, students or grade both in and outside the classroom.

Want to Learn How Xello can Help Your Washington School District Succeed?

Delivers a Streamlined Experience for Educators in Your School District

Xello provides educators powerful tools for program reporting, student management and oversight, all within one intuitive and easy to use tool.

Keep Students on Track

Gain valuable insights with ready-made engagement and profile reports at the student, school, and district level. Instantly see whether your students are on track to graduate or need additional support to develop their plan.

Stay Organized

Easily manage your students’ plans using Xello’s integrated course planner, and college application tools that integrate with your Student Information System (SIS) and course guide, keeping your students on track to graduate and meet their HSBP plan.

Gain Deeper Insights

With access to student profiles, educators get a snapshot of each student’s skills, interests, and activities in Xello. At a glance, you’ll better understand who your students are and what their plan is, making conversations more meaningful.

Here's How Xello Enabled a Washington School District to Meet High School and Beyond Plan Requirements

Learn how Xello helped one Washington school district solve its college and career readiness challenges, and meet state mandated responsibilities.
Xello has been such an important tool for us as it helps provide curriculum and assessments and everything's seamlessly tied into one platform. Students can document their career and educational plans, save schools of interest, use the transcript request feature and develop goals--all using one intuitive tool.
Katie Siewert, Assistant Director, Career & Technical Education, Vancouver Public Schools, Washington
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A Strategic Partner

With Xello, you always have a strategic partner for developing and rolling out a world-class future readiness program and empowering your students to meet their High School and Beyond plan.

Resources to Help Educators Succeed

Your front-line staff will be ready to confidently lead students through Xello with free, online training resources that cover both the educator and student experience, preparing them to meet HSBP plan requirements.

Unlimited Tech Support

No matter the question, our Client Solutions Team is here for you. You and your staff will feel supported by unlimited technical support.

See how Xello will engage all your students in meeting their High School and Beyond Plan requirements.

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