Xello & Common App

Xello and Common App have teamed up to make the college application process easier. For students and educators it means being able to request, gather, and send all application materials from one place — within Xello.

Partnership Details

Common App is a program that simplifies the college application process. It saves time and effort by consolidating the tasks and documents into one workflow. Over 1000 American post-secondary institutions use Common App.


Faster, Easier Document Requests

The integration offers a standardized document request process for your students. Whether they’re making requests for Common App schools or schools that fall outside of the Common App network, students can submit document requests and keep track of all applications from their Xello account.


One-Stop Application Management

The integration streamlines document management and saves time by moving all Common App requests, profiles, and forms into Xello. This means counselors and teachers no longer need to toggle between Xello and Common App to support students’ college applications – everything is under one roof, in Xello.


Enhanced Collaboration and Reporting

The integration provides capabilities unavailable in Common App alone, including seamless counselor collaboration through shared school data access, comprehensive reporting features like FERPA waiver tracking, and the ability for counselors to complete work on behalf of others when needed.


How much does the integration cost?
When can students begin working on their Common App applications?
How do I opt-in my district/school to get this integration ahead of the new academic year?
What if students want to apply to non-Common App schools?
Where can I learn more to see how this integration works?

For more information on how the integration works and troubleshooting, check out our Xello Support Center for Common App.

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