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Empower your K-12 students to engage in future planning by developing Personal Learning Plans with Xello.
How it Works

Unlock Student Potential through the Power of Personal Learning Plans

Xello helps your students immerse themselves in the process of creating Personal Learning Plans (PLPs), guiding them through career exploration, course selection, postsecondary education, and experiential learning opportunities.
  • Career Exploration
  • Career Exploration
  • Academic Scheduling
  • Postsecondary Exploration
  • Employment Related Skills
  • Share with Parents
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Academic Scheduling C2D0FE6D-9B76-435E-9293-28F10EC9E9CA
Postsecondary Exploration C2D0FE6D-9B76-435E-9293-28F10EC9E9CA
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Explore Careers With Interactive Assessments

Students complete a Career Matchmaker Interest Inventory, identifying their interests, aptitudes and aspirations. These, along with personality and learning style assessments, encourage self-exploration, helping students define their career and college ready goals.

Build SEL Skills with Lessons

With integrated lessons, students build essential SEL skills, enabling them to gain skills and knowledge they can apply in the real world rather than simply checking the boxes on their PLP requirements.

Deliver a Consistent K-12 Solution

With Xello, you get a full K-12 experience, making it easier for students to build on their work from elementary to middle to high school and for educators to track student progress from year to year.

Create Customizable Content with Ease

Xello offers you the ease and flexibility to tailor your curriculum to fit the unique needs of your district, students or grade both in and outside the classroom.

Want to Learn How Xello can Help Your Minnesota Students Succeed?

Enables Minnesota Educators to Assess Student Progress with Ease

Xello provides educators with powerful tools for reporting and student management so they can keep track of student goals and motivate them to create postsecondary plans for future success.

Deliver Personalized Learning at Scale

Efficiently personalize learning for every student. With Xello’s engagement and profile reports at the student, school, and district level, you’ll deliver personalized learning at scale and save time on administrative tasks. You can also keep your students’ plans organized in a centralized spot to ensure their academic success.

Stay Organized & Keep Students on Track

Easily manage your students’ plans using Xello’s integrated course planner, and college application tools that integrate with your Student Information System (SIS) and course guide. With critical alerts, two-way messaging, and the ability to communicate with students, you can ensure every student is on track.

Help Students Develop Work Ready Skills

Help students develop the real-world skills to thrive in today’s job market. With access to student profiles, you get a snapshot of each student’s skills and activities in Xello. You get a better understanding of who your students are and their goals, helping you play an even bigger role in developing their employment related skills.

How a Minnesota District Engaged Students to Create Personal Learning Plans with Xello

Learn why Saint Paul Public Schools chose Xello to engage their students with developing college and career plans & prepare them for lifelong success.
Especially for our younger students, it’s intuitive, visually interesting, and easy to navigate. Xello helps facilitate the process of building Personal Learning Plans and we’re excited to be able to track student engagement and evaluate our implementation.
Leah Corey, Program Manager, Office of College and Career Readiness, Saint Paul Public Schools, Minnesota
Educator Tested & Approved

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A Strategic Partner

With Xello, you’ll get expert, strategic guidance on how to implement and deliver world-class future readiness experiences for your students.

Resources to Help Districts Succeed

Your front-line staff will be ready to confidently lead their students through Xello with free, online training resources that cover both the educator and student experience.

Unlimited Tech Support

Whatever your question, our Client Solutions team is here for you. You and your staff will feel supported by unlimited technical support.

Why You Should Choose Xello


Accessible for all students

Successful futures are for everyone. Xello meets WCAG 2.0 (Level AA) standards with full keyboard, screen reader, and low vision accessibility and is also available in Spanish.

Available on any Device

Whether your students are at home or in school, they can easily access Xello on any device. This is especially helpful now with schools engaging in hybrid and remote learning.

Data Syncs with SIS

Secure integration with your Student Information System (SIS) so that students’ course schedules, academic history, and plans are viewable in one place.

Protects Student Data

With the latest advances for end-to-end encryption, regular security audits and 24/7 monitoring—you can be sure protecting student data is our top priority.