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Xello is a newly approved Student Support Partner with the Louisiana Department of Education. Our innovative K-12 program helps every student develop graduation, postsecondary and career plans. A collaborative platform, Xello empowers educators with robust reporting, and curriculum that teaches critical 21st century life skills.
How Xello Works

One Program, Three Modules

Xello is a full K-12 College & Career Readiness program comprising three interactive and age-appropriate modules.


Xello K-2

Starting in kindergarten through grade 2, Xello takes students on a fun and exciting adventure through Career Town. Here students learn about the importance of careers and what goes into choosing one — all while solving the mystery of the town's missing workers.

Xello 3-5

In grades 3 to 5 the Xello student experience evolves. Lessons and personalized activities are introduced. These engage students in building self-knowledge, exploring interest-related career options, setting achievable goals, and developing critical thinking skills.

Xello 6-12

In grades 6 to 12, assessments inspire deeper career exploration, academic planning is introduced, and goal setting becomes more sophisticated. In senior grades, local work-based learning is introduced and postsecondary planning becomes a focused activity.

Empower Your Students to Plan for the Future

Xello ensures you have all the ingredients to inspire students to explore their possibilities and develop individual graduation plans in line with their career aspirations.
  • Career Exploration & Pathways
  • Career Exploration & Pathways
  • Postsecondary Planning
  • Workforce Transition Support
  • Family Engagement
  • Knowledge & Skills Development
Career Exploration & Pathways
Postsecondary Planning
Workforce Transition Support
Family Engagement
Knowledge & Skills Development

Career Exploration/Pathway Selection

Interactive assessments help students understand their interests, skills, values, personality types and learning styles, and help match students to related careers.

Students then explore career portfolios, containing state and regional labor market data, and interviews with people working in these fields. This information helps students discover high-skill, high-wage, and in-demand careers they may otherwise have not known of.
Career Profile in Xello


Xello provides Louisiana students with the information, data, and experiences they need to bring the world of work to life, make smart decisions about their future, and build the workforce of tomorrow.


Xello supports students through the entire process of making difficult decisions about careers and postsecondary plans with training, resources, and tools to ensure student success.


Develop students' skills through work-based learning, expand their social capital through meeting industry professionals, and give them the know-how to advance within their chosen career pathways.

Enables Louisiana Educators to Keep Track of Student Progress

Xello provides educators with powerful tools for reporting and student management so they can keep track of whether each student has engaged in career awareness, preparation and readiness activities for their future success.

Create Customizable Content with Ease

Whether you're supporting students via remote, hybrid or in-person learning, Xello is built to be flexible. With custom lessons, assignments, and embeddable links and resources, you can easily tailor your curriculum to fit the needs of your district, students or grade.

Actionable, Insightful Reports

Easy to read reports show educators which students are on track and which need a little help. With the CEW Completion Report, Lesson Completion Report and Critical Alerts Report, educators will rest easier knowing they haven't overlooked a student in need of support.

Integrate Work-Based Learning

With Xello's work-based learning module, you can guide students towards local company profiles and opportunities, helping them develop critical career acquisition and retention skills needed to thrive in today's competitive job market.
Why Getting Started is Easy

Xello’s processes and expertise make it easy for every district to get started and succeed.

Illustration of female Xello trainer
Strategic Partnership
You'll be assigned a dedicated Customer Success Manager, who'll work to understand your goals and needs, and craft an implementation plan that works for you.
Data Integration
Tailored Onboarding
Our onboarding team is composed of technical experts that understand the unique needs of your IT staff and can ensure a quick and efficient implementation.
Depiction of Xello's world-class support services
World-Class Support
Once up and running we offer direct support for teachers, parents, and students, as well as on-demand training for educators, and custom training, when needed.
What Educators Say

Students and Educators Love Xello — But Don’t Take Our Word for It!

Why Students and Educators Love Xello

One of the beautiful things about Xello is that it allows the counselor to see and follow students as they grow. Not only is the student flow easy, but it makes it easier for counselors to support successful transitions from primary to middle to high school.

Anna Espinoza

Counseling and CCMR Coordinator
Goose Creek CISD, Texas
Making the switch to Xello was a big step for our district, but the support we received from the Xello team to relaunch as a full K-12 program was unparalleled. Our students are excited to discover and explore their college and career options. I wish we’d done it sooner!

Melody Coryell

Director of Academics and Pathways
Indianapolis Public Schools, Indiana
We hadn’t used all the resources in Xello yet, so this is a good time to do that. It helped that students are already familiar with the program. We know that having college and career lessons will help students think beyond right now. We’ll be looking at how we can use Xello to reorient to what life will be like after coronavirus.

Dr. Stephanie Cook

Managing Director, Guidance and Counselling
Frisco Independent School District, Texas

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