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Fulfill the Illinois Postsecondary and Workforce Readiness Act with Xello—an engaging, intuitive, and empowering college and career readiness program for K–12 students.

How Xello Supports the Illinois Postsecondary Workforce Readiness Act

Xello’s engaging college and career readiness experience helps K–12 students meet the Postsecondary and Workforce Readiness Act.

Explore our library of guides to better understand how Xello supports key PWR Act strategies, such as the PaCE, CCPE, CCRI, and Essential Skills.

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How it Works

Empower Your Students to Meet Their PWR Act Goals with Xello

Xello ensures you have the right tools to support your school district's PWR Act requirements, while inspiring students to develop secondary and postsecondary plans in line with their career aspirations.
  • Individualized Plans
  • Individualized Plans
  • Work-Based Learning
  • Engaging Lessons
  • CCRI Reporting
  • Family Portal
Individualized Plans
Work-Based Learning
Engaging Lessons
CCRI Reporting
Family Portal

Individualized Plans

Xello Goals and Portfolios gives students the space to complete their Illinois ILPs by allowing them to add pathway endorsements, curate their own digital space, capture future plans, and easily share their journey with their networks.

Deliver a Consistent K-12 Solution

Building CCR skills and interests early has many advantages. Xello’s full K-12 approach both aligns with the PWR Act, as well as ensures students transition seamlessly from middle school to high school, and ultimately to postsecondary education and beyond.

Robust College Planning Tools

Xello’s college planning tools keep Illinois students and families in the loop with FAFSA tips, checklists and tracking, in addition to valuable tools and resources like school profiles, local scholarship information, transcripts, letters of recommendation, and much more.

Four-Year Course Planner

Students can feel empowered to build their own academic plans that align with their postsecondary goals and programs of study, while saving counselors time with automated prerequisite validation, endorsement tracking, and graduation tracking.

See how Xello can help every Illinois student succeed

Powerful Tools That Keep Illinois Educators Organized

Xello designed a college and career readiness program that not only students would love, but educators too! Illinois educators have access to their students’ progress and future plans, which helps them provide meaningful support to students as they fulfill the PWR Act.

Deliver Personalized Learning at Scale

Xello recognizes the pathway to future readiness is different for every student. So educators can find comfort in knowing that their students are provided with a personalized learning experience, no matter their pathway, background, or ability—plus one that aligns with the postsecondary and workforce readiness act.

Actionable Insightful Reports

Educators can easily access comprehensive reports at the student, school and district level, giving them a detailed view into which students need help fulfilling the PWR Act and which ones are on track to graduate.

An All-In-One-Solution

Counselors can rest easy knowing that Xello provides a one-stop-shop for college and career readiness. Through comprehensive reporting and ready-made curriculum, Xello makes fulfilling key requirements like the PWR Act, CCRI, Essential Employability Skills a far less daunting undertaking.

What Illinois Districts Say About Xello

Xello exceeds our expectations because it… gives us the insightful reports on student work needed to meet our state requirements. Additionally, I am amazed at the level of commitment the Xello Team puts into enhancing Xello and support to their users. The best part of Xello is that our students really benefit from the built-in lessons and career assessments. It makes career exploration fun and engaging, which is always a plus in our classrooms.
Angela Hoffman, Student Career Advisor & CCPE Coordinator, Q.C. Area Career Center Tech Education Consortium, Illinois
Xello gives us a personal look into a student's interests. And with that data and information, our teachers and counselors are able to tailor supports and needs.
Heather Waninger, Pathway Navigator, Regional Office of Education #47, Illinois
Educator Tested, Approved & Awarded
Award Winning Support

The Xello Team is Always Here for You

As an SIIA CODiE Award winner for Best Customer Experience in Ed Tech, our well honed processes combined with our enthusiasm for great service ensure that every client always gets the most out of Xello. Here's how we do it:


A Trusted Strategic Partner

It starts with a strong foundation. Xello partners with each client to understand their unique needs, and craft strategic multi-year plans to maximize student impact and district goal attainment.

On-Demand Training & Support

Our comprehensive and ever-growing library of online resources and courses, empower educators to easily look up and develop expertise in every aspect of Xello.

Answers When You Need Them

Can't find what you need? Not a problem. Whatever your query our award-winning Client Solutions team is here to give you the answers you need, when you need them.

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