How to Use Two-Way Messaging in Xello to Engage with Students Remotely

How to Use Two-Way Messaging in Xello to Engage with Students Remotely

As students make the switch towards remote learning, our two-way messaging feature can help educators and counselors easily communicate with students outside the classroom—ensuring no question goes unanswered and no task goes unfinished.

If you’re an educator who’s teaching lessons remotely during the next few weeks, then you’re probably finding it tough to communicate with students outside the classroom. How do you ensure all student questions are addressed online and no task goes unfinished?
Now that educators and students have no time to spend in the classroom together, what can be done to ensure future planning isn’t made a lesser priority?
If you’re looking for a solution to engage with your students at any time to ensure all of their college and career planning questions and needs are met, look no further.
We’re thrilled to bring your attention to Two-Way Messaging in Xello. Now, educators can keep each and every one of their students engaged and on top of their work—no matter how much or how little face-to-face time there is between them.

Keep Every Student Accountable with Two-Way Messaging in Xello

Do you have an important reminder or announcement to make to your students? Now in Xello, you can deliver your message anytime to students from the comfort of your home.
Two-Way Messaging is a feature that allows you to engage with your students regarding their college and career planning activities in Xello, even outside the classroom. That means you can send direct messages, reminders, and announcements to your students, whether on a one-to-one basis, to your entire class, or through custom groups.
This new feature not only keeps each of your students accountable for the work to be done, but it also keeps them engaged and in the driver’s seat of their own college and career planning, at all times.

What Can You Do with Two-Way Messaging?

With Two-Way Messaging in Xello, reach the right students at the right time with announcements and by using the in-context message buttons. What’s more:
Filter your student list by grade to send a class an update about important dates—like deadlines for college admissions, scholarship applications, or upcoming career fairs (of course, we understand any career fairs will be virtual now).

Example of an announcement to a grade 12 class

Use in-context message buttons to send a reminder to students who have yet to complete a task or to share additional resources to those who have saved a specific career interest.

two way messaging
An example of a message from a student about an incomplete plan

Sent out a message? Students who receive a new message will have a red alert appear next to their avatar in Xello, notifying them of unread messages. They can simply reply to the message or initiate a new one with an educator who’s been assigned to them.

two-way messaging
Example of a student reply to educator

How to Get Started with Two-Way Messaging

As schools pivot towards online learning, there’s no better time to get your students familiar with Two-Way Messaging in Xello.

  1. Simply log in to your Xello account and navigate to the ‘Student Lists’ section on the left-side menu
  2. Select all students or filter down to a specific group
  3. Then, click on the ‘Send message’ button to start writing your welcome message

This will be only the first of many announcements and reminders using Two-Way Messaging. And, it will just be a matter of time before your students discover the value of a communications hub right within Xello (and we hope you see it too!) For more information on how to use Two-Way Messaging, visit our help centre or send us an email at