Keep Students on Track with Actionable Course Plan Reports in Xello

Keep Students on Track with Actionable Course Plan Reports in Xello

Staying on top of how your students are progressing towards graduation can feel down-right daunting. How can you counsel students on their course plans when you’re bogged down keeping track of student progress and wrangling students who are getting off-track?
We’ve compiled a few reports in Xello to help you shift your time from laborious paperwork to time spent providing students with valuable course selection and career guidance. Quick and easy to read, each of these reports instantly gives counselors, educators, or administrators real-time, laser-focused insight into which students need attention around their course plans.
But first, if you’re wondering what is Xello Course Planner, watch our 2-minute introduction video (below). Then, read on for tips to get the most out of the powerful reporting features.

Insights You Need to Ensure Every Student Graduates

Xello reports are designed to make it quick and easy for you to track students’ progress and identify which students need individual support with their course planning.

  1. Submission Summary Report: high-level report found on the main Student Work dashboard. See course plan statuses by student and review the incomplete plans, including those students that have not yet submitted their selections. And, with the grade breakdown, easily see and review student groups by their course plan statuses.
  2. Graduation Plan Completion Report: lists students on or off-track to meet high school diploma requirements
  3. Specialization Completion Report: lists students on or off-track to meet specialization requirements
  4. Critical Alerts Report: lists students with critical alerts on their course plans that need addressing, allowing you to focus on at-risk students
  5. Exemption Report (NEW): filters out students who have requirement exceptions listed.
  6. Student Count by Courses Report: gives you a sense of the popularity of a course.
  7. Courses Pending Approval: view a list of courses that require students to meet additional requirements, such as a specific grade/mark. You can also send a list of courses requiring approval to the corresponding teacher for confirmation and processing.

Pro Tip: For best results, add students into a group to make reports simpler by allowing you to filter only the students who are assigned to you.
Above all else, these three reports will save you valuable time. Instead of reviewing student profiles individually or sifting through paperwork, you can isolate students who need one-on-one course planning support with just a few clicks.
You can get a quick tutorial of how to find these reports by visiting the Xello Support Center.
More than just a way to catch students who might be getting off-track, these reports also weed out clerical errors that often occur from manually tracking courses against graduation requirements. No more missed pre-requisites or accidental false negatives. With these reports in Xello, everything is tracked automatically, so no student is at risk of missing graduation because of clerical errors.
Watch our 20-minute webinar to get a crash course on tips & tricks for using Xello Course Planner Reports.

Let’s take a deeper dive into what you can expect from a few of these reports:

Graduation Plan Completion Report

The Xello Graduation Plan Completion Report provides a real-time view of which students are on-track and off-track towards completing their four-year course plans. Instead of checking in on every student’s course selections, this report quickly shows you which students have four-year plans mapped out that meet all diploma requirements and which students have complete plans that put them at-risk to not graduate.
With this report in your toolkit, you’ll save valuable time sifting through student plans, giving you more time to focus on the students who need your guidance the most. This handy report not only keeps you up-to-date on your students’ course planning progress, but if your students need to complete four-year plans for mandate compliance, this report can be used as proof that your students are on-track.
An example of the Graduation Plan Completion report

Specialization Completion Report

Specializations have different names depending on your region. Maybe in your district it’s called Specialist High Skills Majors, Pathways, endorsements, or A-G requirements… the list goes on.
Long story short, whatever type of specialization your school offers, Xello’s Specialization Completion Report gives you a quick view of students who have course plans that leave them off-track to graduate with their specialization.
The report first shows you what percentage of the students in each specialization are on and off-track to meet the specialization. When you click into each specialization you’ll see all students assigned to it and the credits earned, in progress, and planned. From there, you can click through into each student’s course plan.
With a simple way to track and support students assigned to specializations, you’re better equipped to keep students on-track to graduate with all the necessary credit requirements.

An example of the Specialization Completion report

Critical Alerts Report

Xello’s Critical Alerts Report shows you the students who have critical alerts in their course selections for next year. Instead of going student-by-student to check that everyone’s course selections are OK, this report empowers you to focus on the course plans that need attention.
Critical alerts could be caused by courses having a corequisites, a student needing to have completed a course prerequisite, or that a course requires administrator approval. While in the report, you can easily navigate into student course plans to resolve critical alerts, or find out which students need more one-on-one course selection intervention.
And, if your school uses Xello course plans for class scheduling purposes, the Critical Alerts Report speeds up the process of getting all alerts resolved so you have a clean file to import into your Student Information System.

An example of the Critical Alerts report

Ready to Get Started Using These Reports?

  • Click Reports in your left navigation menu
  • Select Student Work
  • Navigate to Goals & Plans
  • Select one of the reports from the drop-down menu

Supporting your students on their path to future readiness is an enormous responsibility that involves ensuring each student is selecting courses aligned to their interests, while still staying on-track to graduate.
With these reports in Xello, you have quick, real-time information that will help you support students with their course planning, making sure every student graduates with everything they need to succeed.

Don’t forget, Xello Support has everything you need from walkthroughs and videos to get you comfortable using these features.